Fontelunga Tails!
Our lives over the years at the Villa have been blessed with the joy and love that our many four legged friends have gladly given to us. This is our memory of them.

"Once upon a time" there was a very clever fluffy white west highland terrier. He came to live in a big city as a specials gift for his owner, Paolo, who called him Woody.
Woody was a big chaser of cats and squirrels and loved to sleep on his owner's pillow.

After a very short time Woody found he had another owner called Philip, which made him a little bit grumpy! His owner thought he might be happier if he had a friend, or was this wishful thinking?

18Aug2010-007 Charlie-10-weeks 106-0605 IMG

Dillon, a Scottish terrier turned up in a shoe box with a ribbon around it! For awhile Woody was even Grumpier but he soon came to tolerate Dillon!

Dillon however loved and looked up to Woody for all his cat and squirrel chasing advise and supported Woody in all of his park adventures, with full marks for effort.

For sometime it became a household of boys and the owners felt a change was in order. Daisy, a Norfolk terrier and a little bundle of fun turned up and Woody was even grumpier!

Until he realized he was now head of his own little cat chasing troupe! What fun they had together and their owners felt safe that their garden would be free from cats forever.

5dogs dogsdinner-003 DSC02507

After a few years Daisy went away on holiday with her owners to where she was born. To everyone's joy she came back from her trip expecting puppies! A few months later she had three boys and a little girl who died at birth.

The boys grew into a bundle of naughty fun and Woody was very, very grumpy! Their owners called them Clive, Sam and Toto, who they kept!

Now Paolo and Philip had a new plan for their enlarged family, to move to a house in the countryside, a move that took them to another country a new experience for all!

The new house and enormous garden was fantastic, filled with cats, squirrels and many other exotic animals to chase! Woody, Dillon, Daisy, and Toto settled into their new life and Sam cam to join them, what fun!

DSC 0031-2 IMG 0484-5 July2009-020

Toto was such a happy and fearless dog and they became the chief chases of birds! The owners built a fantastic swimming pool for them and Toto made full use of it! Life at the new house was great with lots of people coming and going and many snacks to eat!

After one fun day little Toto fell very sick and died and just as everyone was dealing with his loss Sam had a tragic accident and both little boys were gone. Everyone was very sad and even Woody was a little less grumpy!

New paws were needed at the Villa which arrived in the form of Daisies Italian cousin Oliver. Oliver loved exploring his new home whilst not relaxing on the beach.

Woody Dillon and Daisy carried on their protection of the Villa and made the house their own. There was of course always time left over for some fun!

Olli-Lola-006 PhilipOliverMArch2011 photo-2

One day after 18 slightly grumpy but generally happy years Woody passed away followed by Daisy and shortly afterwards by Dillon who always followed them both in life! Their owners were happy in the knowledge that they had lovely fun filled lives.

Oliver was now the sole king of the castle who needed and accomplice. She came in the form of Lola, Daisy's niece! Oliver was very happy and they became firm friends, who enjoyed protecting the olive groves together!

Now owners Philip and Paolo had a friend who had a lovely Dachshund called Lucy. She loved her penthouse home but her owner realized that she would have a more fulfilled life in the countryside with his friends. So now Oliver had his gaggle of girls to defend at the villa.

Lola and Oliver finally passed away but not before leaving Paolo and Philip their son Charlie.

photo pups-2014 

And to everyone big surprise this year Lucy, now 5 years old, delivered 3 puppies to their rather shocked but pleasantly surprised owners.

A full house at Fontelunga for their 15 year Anniversary.

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